Sonali Bhor – The Golden Dawn

by Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar

Sona’li bhor jiivane mor A’ba’r kiire a’sche phire. Shata byatha’r shata bedana’r Shata la’nchana’r a’ndha’r cire. Kata prados’ kata prabha’t Kata sharat basanta ra’t Kata a’sha’ kata bharasa’ Bhese geche ashru niire. Pu’rba’ka’she arun’a ha’se Ba’ta’s bha’se phul suba’se Naba bars’e naba hars’e Byatha’r smrti ja’y je sare. The golden dawn of my life, Is it returning again ? Piercing the darkness of countless pains, countless agonies, countless humiliations, The golden dawn of my life, Is it returning again ? How many twilights, how many dawns, How many autumn and spring nights How many hopes and aspirations Have all passed by, Floating away on our tears ! On the eastern horizon the crimson dawn smiles The air is floating with the fragrance of flowers With the new delight of the new year, The memories of pain all vanish away. The golden dawn of my life, Is it returning again ?
Toma’ke sapechi go para’n Tumi ki ca’hibe phire. A’ma’r sab a’sha’ bha’loba’sa’ Bhare a’ji toma’y ghire. Tabo padadhvani la’gi Diva’nishi ac’hi ja’gi Nabo nabo ma’la’ ga’nthi Bhija’yechi a’nkhi niire. Purva’ka’she a’lo bha’se mrdu ha’si se je ha’se Se ha’siti ogo prabhu. Raunge rupe a’che bhare. I offer my life unto you; will you now look benignly at me ? All my hope and love are now centred around you alone. I am ever awake, listening for your gentle footsteps. I keep weaving ever new and fresh garlands and drench them with my tears. The eastern sky is radiant with a flood of light. It betokens a gentle smile of yours, full of sweet forms and colours.
Megh, tumi ka’che eso Jal ca’ , a’ro jal ca’i. Sabuj dha’ner ca’ra shuka’iya ja’y Ek kan’a’ jal na’i, jal na’i. Nebur phulete a’jo madhu bhareni A’ta’r phulete kona phal dhareni Ba’tabiir phul gandhe ma’teni Ei nida’run khara’ theke tra’n’ pete ca’i. Kadamba kali sab jhare par’eja’y Rajaniigandha’ phul phut’ite na’ pa’y Aa’guner halka’y ma’ti pur’e ja’y Bars’a’r snigdhata’ kotha’ khunje pa’i. Oh, clouds! Come near We want water, still more water The green seedlings of paddy are withering In the scorching heat of the sun. There is not a drop of water, not a single drop The orange blossoms are not yet filled with nectar The custard apple blossoms have not yet become fruits The pomelo flowers are not intoxicated with fragrance From this cruel drought we want relief. We want water, still more water. The kadamba blossoms have all dropped off The tuberose flowers cannot bloom In this fiery heat the earth is scorched Where shall we find the freshness of rain ?
Kede kede koto da’ki Tumi ki shunite ca’ona’. Ka’da’te ki bha’loba’so Ta’i bujhi sa’da’ da’ona’. Sra’vaneri dha’ra’ jhare Diva’ nishi aniva’re Dekhe dekhe mrdu ha’so E ki kathin pra’n balona’ Ma’la’ gethe mano phule Bhija’ibo ashru jale Se ma’la’ toma’ke dobo Dekhi paro ki parona’. How much I weep for you and call you, oh Lord ! Can’t you hear me ? It seems you love to make me weep That’s why you do not respond. Like the torrential rains of shravana* Tears stream down from my eyes day and night incessantly. You see everything and smile gently How hardhearted you are ! I will weave a garland and drench it with tears I will offer it to you and see whether you accept it or not. * Peak rainy season in India
Bandhu a’ma’r, bandhu a’ma’r Sona’r a’loy d’ha’ka’, Bhorer pa’khi ut’hlo d’a’ki Pra’n’er para’g ma’kha. Kiser tare, kiser d’a’ke Dine ra’te khunji ta’ke Notun a’loy jhalka’ni dey Dola’y notun pa’kha’. My Lord, my dear Friend, Is covered with golden light. The bird of dawn begins to sing Vibrant with new life. Why all this ? In answer to whose call ? Day and night I seek Him The new light sends forth a blaze of effulgence And beats its new wings of joy My Lord, my dear friend Is covered with golden light.
Niirbata’ ma’jhe, ke go tumi ele Ghana ghor ghum bha’unga’te ghum bha’unga’le. Jhatika’r gha’te neba’no diipete Jina’nashala’ka’ti jva’la’le. Sa’ja’no ba’ga’ne chot’o khela’ghare Ja’ra’ a’se ta’ra’ cale ja’i du’re Ta’der pather nisha’na’ a’jike Diip jvele diye ja’na’le. In the midst of silence Who are You who came Breaking my deep, dark slumber Breaking my slumber, In the midst of silence? When the raging storm had extinguished the lamp You lit the flame of knowledge in my eyes And broke my slumber. In the small garden playhouse Those who come, go far, far away Their path is a beacon of light today Lighting Your lamp to awaken me You have broken my slumber.
Niiravo ra’te toma’ri sa’the Na’ bala’ katha’ anek raye geche. Keno go gulba’ge ha’ja’ro k a’ta’ tha’ke Keno go nirjharo ruksha patha ba’che. Kamal gandhe bhara malin jale phote Ha’site bhara dhara’ a’ndha’r pathe chote Snehamamata’ bhara’ raungiin khoa’ve ghera’ Keno go srstite ka’ler cha’ya’ na’ce Keno go ahamika’ keno go asmita’ Luta’ye pade tabo charan dhuli niice. On a still night, I am yet to convey many unspoken things to you. Why are there countless thorns in a rose garden ? Why do the streams flow along rugged paths ? Why do the lotuses, full of fragrance, bloom in turbid waters ? Why does the earth full of smiles, revolve in a dreary orbit ? Why does the shadow of death dance over the entire creation bubbling with love, compassion and colourful dreams ? Why do pride and vanity abjectly surrender unto your feet ?
Campaka bane madhura svapane Ta’ha’ke dekhechi ma’ya’ mukure, Sha’nta ba’ta’se madira suba’se Mugdha nayane sarita’-tiire. Setha’ kusuma-para’g alakhe a’siya’ Alakhe bha’siya ja’y, Setha’ maner mayu’r niila’ka’she ca’hi Kala’pa meliya’ dey. Jyotsna’-nishiithe vijana biithite Bha’loba’sa’ na’ce ta’ke ghire gire. In my sweet dream in the campaka grove I have seen Him in the magic mirror. In the gentle breeze, in the intoxicating fragrance With eyes filled with wonder, I have seen Him on the banks of the stream. From the invisible land the flower pollen drifts. To the invisible land it returns. The peacock in my inner mind Gazes at the blue sky and spreads its tail. In the lonely moonlit avenues My heart, overflowing with live, Keeps dancing around Him.
Instrumental 08:35


Prabhat Samgiita - Songs of the New Dawn Vol 1.
Songs of Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar

These songs are selected from the first 500 songs fo Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar’s Prabhat Samgiita series. PR Sarkar (1921-1990) wrote 5018 songs in the later part of his life, mostly in the Bengali language. They cover a variety of devotional, spiritual, inspirational and humanitarian themes. His lyrics and melodies reflect his creative genius with appropriate eloquence.
P.R. Sarkar is remembered not only for his songs, but as a great Spiritual Master, philosopher and social reformer and as the founder of Ananda Marga, a global movement dedicated to self realization and service to all..


released April 28, 2020

All songs and lyrics by Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar
Translations by Ac Vijayananda Avt. and Avt. Ananda Gaori Ac.

Music Arrangers: V. Balsara, Satya
Sitar: Rahul Chattopadhay
Violin: Deva Shankar Roy
Flutes: Udaya Dey, Shekkar, Chandrakanta Nandi
Esoraj: Anjam Bose
Tampura: Pratap Rakshit
Tabla: Bablu Biswas

Cover Design: Jagadiish
Sound Engineers: Surendranath Prasad, Ajit Prasad
Mixing: Dada Nabhaniilananda, Satya, Dill Katz
Produced by Dada Nabhaniilananda


all rights reserved



Dada Nabhaniilananda California

Dada Nabhaniilananda, originally from New Zealand, is a yoga monk of Ananda Marga, The Path of Bliss. Through his music and songs he seeks to connect us with the source of love within and remind us of our connection to to all life. He had his 15 minutes of fame in 1992 when he appeared on stage with the Dalai Lama before 10,000 at the 1992 Earth Summit, in Brazil. ... more

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